Sam Smith novels...

…and where to get them. Some are paperbacks, some are e-books, and some can be got for free.


Trees -

The Company Chronicles

Failures of Love

Sick Ape: an everyday tale of terrorist folk -

The Care Vortex

The Wall

Something's Wrong -

Eviction from Quarry Cottages

Two Bridgwater Days

The Paths of Error trilogy

     Undeclared War-

     Constant Change -

     As Recorded

Everyday Objects Repurposed as Art -

Hit and Run-

Porlock Counterpoint-

science fiction

We Need Madmen -

The End of Science Fiction

John John

Once Were Windows Once Were Doors

The 5 book series The unMaking of Heaven


     Happiness: a planet

     You Human: The Leander Chronicle

     Not Now: Death, Dreams and Reasons for Living


historical fiction

The Secret Report of Friar Otto -

The Friendship of Dagda and Tinker Howth

For The Journal and Original Plus publications go to

For the plain prose Anti (pretty much everything) go to

For Vera & Eddy's War -

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